Lél: When Heritage Meets the Contemporary

— February, 19 2020

Building bridges between past and present, cultures and design sensibilities: Lél is an artistic collective dedicated to preserving, reinterpreting and developing the ancient art of handcrafted stone inlay, pietra dura.

Houses for Superstars: Hypermediated Architecture

— February, 13 2020

If you could build a house for any celebrity, who would you pick? Villa Noailles most recent exhibition focuses on the conceptual constructions born from collaborations between (star) architects and celebrities.

Ambiente: Focus On Design

— February, 13 2020

One of the highlights at trade fair, congress and event organizer Ambiente, in the coming year will be the launch of the special presentation Focus on Design, featuring outstanding products and detailed insights of current design highlights in a selected country.

Sabine Marcelis: No Fear of Glass

— February, 05 2020

Last month the Fundació Mies van der Rohe and Side Gallery presented No Fear of Glass, a site-specific intervention by the Rotterdam based designer Sabine Marcelis in the Barcelona Pavillion.

BRAFA Art Fair: Pleasure In Discovery

— January, 30 2020

As January is upon us, so is the BRAFA Art Fair. With the regularity of a fine watch-making mechanism, the doyenne of generalist fairs returns mid-winter with the aim of combining the best of the art on offer in Brussels.

ATRA: Culture Clash

— January, 28 2020

ATRA founder Alexander Díaz Andersson’s Mexican and Swedish influences find form in furniture that features refined silhouettes, noble materials and a considered approach toward colour.

Olga Engel: Making Happy

— January, 28 2020

In an interesting combination of luxury, minimalism, functionalism as well as irony, Olga Engel creates pieces that seem to exude a positive influence on their surroundings. TLmag caught up with the Russian designer about seeking out fun in design and how objects feed back and are animated through emotion.

Atelier Jespers: Essential Fantasy

— January, 25 2020

For the first #flashbackfriday, TL Mag is pleased to focus on Atelier Jespers which will open its new show ” L’univers de Yonel Lebovici” this weekend.

Noro Khachatryan: A Materialist Minimalist

— January, 24 2020

Known for his sleek sculptural objects and architectural elements made of natural and industrial materials, designer Noro Khachatryan, founder of studiokhachatryan, talks to TLmag about what constitutes an “object”, the need to be selective and making a habit of giving space to new ideas.

Andile Dyalvane: Leach Pottery Studio

— January, 23 2020

An extensive collection of studio ceramics created by Andile Dyalvane during a recent residency at Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall (UK) will be exhibited at Southern Guild from 18 January to 29 February 2020.

Sarah Schug: Isle of Art

— January, 16 2020

Sarah Shug dove into the exhilarating art scene of Iceland together with photographer Pauline Mikó, to create the book Isle of Art. It reads as a journey in which the Iceland’s artistic landscape is introduced in 256 pages,

Milan Krajíček: Fluidum

— January, 14 2020

Today is the last day to visit Milan Krajíček’s exhibition Fluidum at Gallery Kuzebauch in Prague, Czech Republic. The show explores the possibilities of glass and expanding the horizons of his own imagination.

A Breath of Fresh Air at IMM Cologne 2020

— January, 14 2020

Each year, IMM Cologne invites a design studio to create a full-sized home in the furnishings fair. In 2020, the MUT Design team from Spain extends the bounds of the Das Haus challenge,

Sé-em by Charlotte Mounzer: A Young Rebirth

— January, 12 2020

Several months ago, this stylist and graduate of La Cambre Mode(s) launched a sustainable and ethical brand that closely resembles herself. At the end of the year, circumstances required her to change her brand’s name,

Bausol: Reinventing Artistic Rugs

— January, 09 2020

For 50 years, Liège-based interior designer Robert Schinckus has produced and sold exceptional rugs, including some artist-signed designs. Today he is supported in his efforts by his daughter Florence and son Charles.

Heimtextil 2020: Belonging in Sustainable Futures.

— January, 07 2020

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles, starts the new decade off by creating a sustainability manifesto, and a focus on innovative design practices.

Reciprocal Syntax: Metaphorical Illustration

— December, 26 2019

Reciprocal Syntax is an interactive installation, depicting the outcome of a creative exchange between two beings, through a metaphorical illustration of a concerted work process.

Linde Freya Tangelder: Towards A More Human Design

— December, 20 2019

Every year, the Biennale Interieur, together with magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend, select a Belgian ‘designer of the year’. This year, the accolade goes to none other than Linde Freya Tangelder AKA destroyers / builders.